As i passed through the hills to the plains, the plain again lead me to the hills. the place it leads is tansen, palpa.

the place of ups and downs, the place of favourable weather.

As we reached there, we wished to connect to friends, but to connect to people, it costs more there.

the cyber charge triple the money there than the capital.

And also we came to know that there is only certain institute to learn about computer.

Now what to say more, if you have interest in palpa then it have more scope than capital city,

Also another news for press, there is only one printing press in the whole area which is municipality

so golden oppurtunity to the peoples who searches for the scope…

So many peoples are interested in the field of IT, many have queries.



Is IT field for us?

Ans: YES


Is there any scope?

Ans: Yes very much. The world is shifting towards the information, so the world needs more people to be involved in this field.


Who can pursue this field?

Ans: Anyone who has interest can follow, with any degree or any background.


And lastly, I dont have the knowledge of any college fee structure or scholarship schemes. But i can say that if you join IT field you won t regret it.